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Financial Support

We provide financial and other support to people in need with a center of attention on:

The education of:
  • individuals working in sectors that promote the well-being of a community, such as health and education
  • talented individuals without financial means.

The treatment of serious health issues of children and young adults without financial means.

Families that are not able to make ends meet.

The promotion of the well-being of local communities worldwide with a focus in Greece and Switzerland.

Since 2006, the Foundation has contributed millions of euros in the form of donations, sponsorships and scholarships to support:


Donation of funds and assets to organizations supporting underprivileged children such as orphanages, children with special needs etc.

Upgrade of facilities and technology infrastructure in support of education for schools in remote islands in Greece.

Sponsorships of events aimed at the promotion of local communities.


Scholarships of undergraduate and post graduate studies for exceptional students lacking the means to support their education.

Sponsorships of talented athletes in the form of funds and equipment.

Governmental agencies

Donation of equipment to army special forces, police and coast guard for achieving their objectives.
The Foundation aims to support Greece and Greek citizens in any way possible as one of its main priorities.
In addition, the Foundation will support the greater Engadin area and its citizens within the scope of its objectives.
As part of its support of the Engadin area, the Foundation will sponsor major local events, such as the White Turf, that generate income for all upper Engadin communities.
The Foundation also aims to support the preservation and promotion of the Romansch language in any way it can.


Throughout the years, the Foundation has given out numerous scholarships and has provided funding to individuals seeking to further and update their education.


The Foundation has been an active supporter of underprivileged children and people in need and has also been supporting, selectively, charitable Non-Governmental-Organizations as well as government agencies in different countries.


Since 2006, the Foundation has been an active supporter of talented individuals and local communities in Greece and Switzerland.
Sponsorships are by invitation only.
Not accepting unsolicited proposals.

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