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Governance and Transparency

The Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation is a Swiss registered foundation under the supervision of the federal government in accordance with Art. 84 of the Swiss Civil Code. The supervision is exercised by the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations (FSAF), which is assigned to the General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA).

As part of its supervisory activities, the FSAF verifies that the Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation's funds are used for the intended purpose. The Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation provides full transparency to the FSAF regarding the use of funds and the organization. For this purpose, the Board of Trustees of Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation submits to the FSAF the annual report with a comprehensive description of the activities and indication of other important events during the reporting year, a list of the considered donations/projects with name and amount, the signed report of the statutory auditors enclosing the complete annual financial statements, and the complete and duly signed minutes of the Board of Trustees on the approval of the audited annual financial statements and the annual report.

Each set of regulations and its amendments are submitted to the FSAF for approval.

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