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23. April 2024

Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation: Sponsoring Tradition and Community Spirit at White Turf

Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation White Turf 24

Amidst the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the crisp Alpine air, the Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation has emerged as a key sponsor, infusing the event with a commitment to community engagement and sporting excellence.

Founded in 1907, White Turf has evolved into one of the most anticipated events in the winter sports calendar, attracting visitors from around the world. With its unique blend of horse racing, glamour, and Alpine charm, it captivates spectators and participants alike. Against this backdrop, the Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation has chosen to align itself with the event, recognizing the opportunity to support a cherished tradition while promoting philanthropy and camaraderie.

The Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation made a bold statement by committing to a five-year sponsorship of White Turf. Led by its namesake, Evangelos Pistiolis, the foundation embodies a vision of social responsibility and community enrichment. Through its partnership with White Turf, the foundation aims to foster a sense of unity and pride among residents of St. Moritz and visitors alike.

In its second year of sponsorship, the Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation looked forward to another exhilarating edition of White Turf in 2024. However, Mother Nature had other plans. Just one day before the scheduled race, adverse weather conditions forced organizers to make the difficult decision to cancel the event. Concerns over safety, including the discovery of holes and cracks on the lake's surface, prompted the cancellation, ensuring the well-being of participants and spectators.

Despite the disappointment of the canceled race, the spirit of White Turf endured. The Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation, undeterred by the setback, pressed on with its planned dinner event, hosting an array of distinguished guests from near and far. Among them were members of the White Turf board, esteemed figures from the local community, including the mayor of St. Moritz, and visitors who had journeyed to the picturesque Swiss town for the occasion.

Against the backdrop of an evening filled with warmth, camaraderie, and conviviality, attendees celebrated the enduring spirit of White Turf and the values it represents. The Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation, through its sponsorship and unwavering commitment to community engagement, played a pivotal role in fostering connections and forging memories that will endure long after the snow has melted.

In continuing its mission of community support and philanthropy, the Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation has taken a proactive step by sponsoring White Turf. By supporting this cherished tradition, the foundation aims to bolster the local St. Moritz and Engadine communities, fostering a sense of unity and pride among residents and visitors alike. The sponsorship not only highlights the foundation's commitment to sporting excellence but also underscores its dedication to promoting social responsibility and enriching the lives of those touched by its endeavors. Through this partnership, the Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation is actively contributing to the enduring spirit and community values that define White Turf and the St. Moritz region.

As the Evangelos Pistiolis Foundation looks ahead to future editions of White Turf, it remains steadfast in its dedication to supporting cherished traditions, promoting social cohesion, and enriching the lives of those touched by its philanthropic endeavors. In partnership with White Turf and the St. Moritz community, the foundation continues to write a chapter in the storied history of this iconic event, embodying the timeless values of sportsmanship, unity, and goodwill.

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